1. How do I track my order once it has shipped
When your order is picked up from our warehouse you will receive an email with your order attached. Printed on this order will be your tracking information which includes the shipping company and the tracking number. You can go to the website provided and enter your tracking number to see the progress of your shipment and the expected delivery date.
2. Do I need to be home when my order is delivered?
If you ordered an accessory that is shipping FedEx ground you do not need to be home, they will leave your item(s) at the door. If you ordered a pool package or something that will be delivered freight you will need to be home to inspect the shipment and sign the delivery receipt.
3. How will I know when my pool will be delivered
The freight company will contact you 24-48 hours before they want to deliver your pool to set up a delivery appointment. You can also contact them after you receive your tracking information to set up a delivery appointment.
4. Will the truck driver put my pool in the backyard or garage
Freight service is curbside delivery. You will need 2-3 people available to unload the boxes from the truck one at a time (if you request a lift gate, the entire skid(s) will be lowered to the ground curbside). You will be responsible to move the pool kit to your desired location in your yard.
5. What should I do if there is damage to any of the boxes when my pool arrives
If you notice damage to any of the boxes when you are unloading the truck, make sure you write it on the delivery receipt before you sign it. Contact us at 800-986-0748 within 10 days to report any damaged items. Do not reject the shipment unless 80% of the shipment is damaged. It is easier and quicker for us to replace damaged parts instead of the entire shipment.
6. How can I make sure everything I ordered has been delivered
Once your order has been delivered use your sales order as a checklist to make sure everything was included in your order. Contact us at 800-986-0748 within 10 days to report any missing items.
7. What are your shipping rates in the US
Shipping to all states within the Continental United States is included on all our products. Customers in HI and AK should email us for a shipping price quote.
8. Do you ship to PO boxes
No, we must have a physical address to ship any products. A tractor trailer must be able to access your delivery location. They should be able to get into your residential area and back out again. Tractor trailers will not back up, so if this is a problem please let your sales representative know so an alternate address can be established.


1. How do I finance a pool
Pick your pool model and package, pick any accessories and choose your liner and ladder style, click on the finance button, fill out the form and submit it. You should receive a confirmation it went through.
2. How soon will I know if I have been approved
We pull finance applications on the next business day and will get back to you within 24 hours with the approval details. If you have not heard from us you can contact us at 800-986-0748 to check the status of your approval.
3. What if I have a low credit score
When we pull your credit report we look at credit score and credit history to determine approvals. This way if you have been rebuilding your credit, we will see improvement and be able to approve you for a pool package.
4. Can I get financing if I filed bankruptcy
Yes but it depends on the status of the bankruptcy, when you filed and your credit history since the disposition date.
5. Can I pay my loan off early
Yes you can pay off the loan early or make additional payments during the term of your loan without penalty.


1. How do I place an order
You can contact us directly at 800-986-0748 or you can place your order online.
2. What method of payment do you accept
We accept all major credit cards; MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express.
3. How do I check if an item is in stock
We keep most items in our warehouse and have deliveries daily so that orders ship within 3-5 business days however you can contact us at 800-986-0748 to verify availability.
4. I placed an order what is next
Once your payment is processed we will put your order in our system and you will be sent a confirmation email, you should print your order and check to make sure it is correct. If you ordered a POOL PACKAGE you will be receiving a letter through the USPS with a copy of your sales order, receipt, instructions on how to receive your pool, and general information. Finally, within 3-5 days of the order entry your pool will ship from our warehouse and you will receive a shipping email with your tracking information.
5. How can I find out the status of my order
You can contact us at 800-986-0748 to find out the status of your order.
6. How long before I have my pool
Pools ship within 3-5 business days depending on the time of the season. Freight time varies between 3-7 days depending on where you are located in the country. Total time from order to delivery is approximately 7-14 days. Feel free to contact us at 800-986-0748 if you would like to get a better estimate.
7. What if something is wrong with my order
Call us immediately at 800-986-0748. Once an order has shipped we can no longer make corrections.
8. Can I make changes to my order
Call us immediately at 800-986-0748 to make changes. Once an order has shipped we can no longer make changes.
9. Can I change the ship to address
The ship to address can be changed if an order has NOT SHIPPED by calling us at 800-986-0748. Once an order has shipped there is a fee to change the ship to address.


1. Parts list located under the HOW TO tab should say under the RESOURCES tab on the pool model pages
We recommend 7-10 days before you start installation you open all the pool boxes and make sure none of the parts are missing or damaged (there is a parts list in the box and we do have a parts list located under the HOW TO tab on our website. We do not open boxes that are packed at the manufacturer so we will not know if there is a problem unless you let us know. We will order you the parts you need but parts are not shipped overnight so if there is a problem, please contact us as soon as possible at 800-986-0748.
2. Do your prices include installation
We do not offer installation.
3. Review the installation instructions and video on our how to page should say on the RESOURCES tab on the pool model page
Most of our customers install their own pools. The round pools are easier to install. If you are considering installing your own pool we recommend you review the installation instructions and video on our how to page, before you make a decision. We do not offer installation; we are selling you the pool kit only.
4. What if I have problems with the installation
We do not offer installation. You can contact us at 800-986-0748 and we will try to help but you will probably need to contact a local installer for major problems.
5. Our how to page to our RESOURCES tab on our pool model pages
There will be a CD in the envelope located in the hardware carton. Included will be a parts list, installation instructions, a video and warranty information. You can also go to our how to page to for written instructions as well as a general video of how to install a pool.


1. What is your return policy
Once an item is shipped it is treated as a return. You must contact us at 800-986-0748 for authorization on any returned merchandise. We do not accept any returns on any items that have been opened or installed. The customer will be refunded the amount paid MINUS any shipping charges we have incurred to and from their location, plus a 15% restocking fee. PLEASE REVIEW OUR ENTIRE SHIPPING AND RETURN POLICY.
2. Do you charge a fee for returns
On returns the customer is responsible for shipping charges we have incurred to and from their location as well as a 15% restocking fee.


1. What are your customer service hours of operation
Refer to our hours of operation on the homepage of our website.
2. Where are you located
Our call center is located in Virginia and our warehouse and corporate office is located in Louisiana.